“Every now and then, Suburbia spits out a kid that defies stereotypes and makes people see with their ears. Say hello to Hunter Heflin.” - Mugatunes

Maryland based Hunter Heflin is a 24 year-old producer and recording artist who smears the boundaries between future pop and electronic styles. A classically trained pianist and saxophone player, Heflin has developed a rich, diverse sound characterized by his soaring falsetto, expressive chord progressions, and future bass-inspired drops.

Heflin has played shows in New York City, Philadelphia and Washington, DC, and continues to engage audiences at open mics around the DC area. His music has been featured in articles published by the Daily Pennsylvanian, Mugatunes, Tha Produce Section, Triple HQ, and DopeBecauseWeSaid.  

Heflin’s newest release, “Gone,” fuses elements of pop and dance in one record. Currently, Heflin is shooting music videos in the DC area for upcoming singles.

Heflin’s early years were heavily influenced by music from across the genre spectrum - he took classical piano lessons, memorized Eminem songs, produced hip-hop and R&B, played jazz on the saxophone, and wrote countless original works. Recently, Heflin’s music has been influenced by the sounds of David Guetta, Charlie Puth, and The Chainsmokers.